How much you can pump up: stages and terms of progress

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What muscles need for growth. What are the stages of the athlete’s body on the path to success. How long can it take.

Going to the gym, many beginners count on quick success. It would seem that it can be difficult – one or two months of active training and the figure will be like that of Schwarzenegger. Unfortunately, not everything is so simple. Success in the sports field depends on many factors – especially physique, nutrition, the correctness of the training program, and so on. Below we will try to analyze how much you can pump up and what is needed for this.


Muscle Growth and Key Factors

In general, the temporary issue regarding the achievement of results in bodybuilding is very controversial. Everyone under the word “pump up” can understand something of their own. For some, an excellent result is an increase in strength, for others, an increase in musculature, for others, a loss of excess fat, and so on.

Moreover, the success of training depends on the following factors:

  • Build . In total there are three “constructions” of the body – endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph. The easiest way out of this “trinity” is the mesomorphs, which are most adapted for full loads. In second place are endomorphs. They gain muscle mass, but suffer from large amounts of fat. In the process of training, they have to put more emphasis on fat burning. Ectomorph will have the greatest problems with achieving results. People with such a physique have the least predisposition to gaining muscle mass. The peculiarity of their body is thinness, small amounts of subcutaneous fat, thin bones and so on.
  • The rate of metabolic processes . The faster the nutrients are converted into energy and consumed, the longer you will have to work in the gym to increase muscle size.
  • The ability of organs to synthesize essential amino acids . Many essential amino acids are synthesized by the body. If the diet is not composed correctly, and the body produces useful elements in a small volume, then the effect will be minimal.
  • The level of testosterone . The higher it is, the better the results. So, the effect of many supplements and steroids is aimed specifically at enhancing the production of this hormone. The more it is, the more actively protein is produced and the better muscles grow.
  • Quality program and relaxation . The results largely depend on the quality of the training program – it should be a professional. It is important here not to “go too far” and take into account the main nuances – physique, nutritional features, gym facilities and so on.

Looking ahead, we note that after six months, many athletes are faced with the problem of stopping muscle growth. It is at this point that a decision is often made to take anabolic steroids or special sports supplements. But do not rush to extremes. The only thing you can afford without harm is the intake of amino acids, protein or gainer. As for the “chemistry”, here it is worth considering several times.

Many experts, when they get the question of how much you can pump up, try to evade the answer and do not give exact numbers. With proper nutrition and the presence of an appropriate disposition, you can achieve decent results for the year . But this is a minimum. As a rule, this takes 2-3 years .


What do muscles need?

To ensure stable growth of muscle fibers, you need to know what they require in the first place. There are also several factors here:

  • Recovery . It has already been proven that muscles grow faster during recovery. You cannot load the same groups every day – this will lead to overtraining. Let the body rest for 1-2 days, sleep for 8-9 hours.
  • Proper nutrition . Growth requires protein, vitamins and carbohydrates. At the same time, protein is a building material for muscles, carbohydrates are a source of necessary energy, vitamins are general strengthening components that contribute to better body functioning, as well as optimal absorption of other elements.
  • The level of testosterone . The more active the main male hormone is secreted in the body, the greater results can be achieved. This pattern has been scientifically proven, so professional athletes set as their goal the activation of testosterone production.
  • Healthy lifestyle . Alcohol, cigarettes, harmful foods and other negative factors – all this impedes the development process. If you set serious goals, then the steps should be appropriate.

Development Progress: Milestones

All progress can be divided into several stages:

  1. The body prepares for hypertrophy, that is, for the growth of muscle fibers. It all takes about 2-3 months. This stage is key in matters of further weight gain. Strength indicators can grow at a tremendous speed. A few workouts back you pressed 60 kilograms, and today 75-80 “flies”.
  2. The process of hypertrophy. At this stage, the most important thing begins – the growth of muscle. On average, the duration of hypertrophy is not a year or two, but three to five years. But do not rush to close the page – this is the maximum period. On average, you can realize the potential in two years. The experience of thousands of athletes has shown that in two years it is quite possible to raise your weight from 70 to 90-100 kg even without pharmacology . It is this difference in weight that will be the visible progress that many so dream of.
  3. System adaptation. The emphasis here is on those aspects that limit the growth of our muscles. That is, attention is paid to the circulatory system, heart, nerves, energy, etc. Until this stage, unfortunately, reach only the most persistent.



Now about the numbers

In conclusion, we summarize our reasoning. So, for the average person to achieve success in bodybuilding, he needs 2-3 years. In this case, after a year of active classes, you can see a certain result. The main thing here is not to stop and continue your development. Bodybuilding should not be just a sport for you. This is a way of life. There are athletes who have been training for 15-20 years, but have not yet achieved maximum results.

If someone assures that you can pump the body in a couple of months, do not believe it. One year – a real period for people with good genetics, two to four years – is necessary for everyone else.

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