Automakers to do away with some occupations to invest in Electric cars

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The automakers are now doing away with some jobs for investing in electric vehicles. The administration of Trump goes on with its war with California, which is about the releasing of guidelines. As we speak, Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, is in cuffs over a twitter comment, and the FCAs are by almost everyone.

In the coming years, the carmakers are doing away with almost 80,000 jobs. Most of the elimination of autonomous services in Germany shoot the United States and the United Kingdom. The massive curtailment placed in motion in the past year forced the companies of Germany to join General Motors Company, Ford Motor Company, and Nissan Motor Company. The industry is now sputtering, as trade experiences many tensions. The tariffs shoot up the costs and suppress investments as the producers go back to the table to do reassessments on their workforce period of using electrified and autonomous services of ride-on demand.

The speed of the occupations eliminated touches Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and BMW. Bernhard Mattes, a president of VDA, said in a conference held in Berlin that the change in technology could result in a loss of approximately 70,000 jobs by the time we are in the next decade.


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